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Marked Cards Devices

2024 newst marked playing cards, texas analyzer come out here, using the most advanced poker technology and the most advanced concept. The best, low price.

Marked Playing Cards is your ultimate destination for high-quality marked cards designed to enhance your poker game experience. Our cards are expertly crafted to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of the game, making them essential for both casual players and casino professionals alike.

Luminous Ink Contact Lenses for Marked Cards

Infrared marked cards contact lenses can use as magic secret card marking, and infrared poker glasses can see through invisible ink marked cards. It is applied to the magic shows as well as poker tournament; do you want to know the tricks to do with a marked deck of cards?

As you can see, the playing cards have been marked by luminous invisible ink, the juice marked cards, and you should wear special IR lenses or marked cards glasses to see the marked cards poker clearly. Without our poker contact lenses and best poker sunglasses, you can not see the luminous marked cards.

GS poker cards lenses
Poker contact lenses

GS poker cards lenses

Infrared glasses
Infrared Glasses

Luminous Ink Glasses

Luminous marked cards
Marked playing cards

Luminous marked cards

Infrared marked cards
Infrared camera lens

Infrared marked cards

Poker Analyzer - Texas Hold'em & Omaha Winner Predictor

Poker Analyzer is the most sophisticated and practical product in Texas Hold'em and Omaha, and is a perfect marked cards device. The poker analyzer uses a special scanning camera to work with our barcode marked cards, after scanning the barcode cards, the poker scanning system can predict the best and second winning hands within 0.1 seconds. The accuracy rate reaches 100%. Here also have the newest poker analyzer, CVK and AKK, which can play all kinds of poker games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Baccarat and so on.

Poker Scanning Camera

The quality of a scanning camera can determine that whether your scanning system works perfectly.

Poker scanning camera plays a very important role during the operation of Texas Hold'em and Omaha scanner system. High Speed and accuracy of the outcome, which poker analyzer tells is decided by a good scanning camera. About the scanning camera, we have phone scanning camera, car key scanning camera, lighter scanning camera, mobile power bank scanner, watch scanner and so on.

Exchange Cards Device, Professional Dice, Rummy, Self Defense

Exchanging cards device can magically change your bad cards to any nice cards as your wish within 0.5s.

Professional marked cards and loaded dice, remote control dice can help you to have any ideal numbers speedily and accurately, you just need to know how to control dice throw. Also you can own your custom dice.

exchanging cards
Cards exchanger

exchanging cards

Induction Dice
Rigged dice

Induction Dice

Dice system


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Invisible ink glasses, marked cards quality supplier from China.
Here quality invisible ink glasses supplier on sales from invisible ink glasses manufacturer, find China invisible ink glasses factory, to use luminous ink kit for marking cards.
There are many unpleasant things in life, so we always have a lot of dissatisfaction. There are two kinds of human dissatisfaction, one for oneself and one for the outside world. We always say that we cannot control the outside world, only can control ourselves.
As a positive poker players, we always need to control our selves, to improve our poker strategy. Sometime we can get help with infrared marked cards and invisible ink contact lenses, to know the back markings on the playing cards.
The brand-new poker scanning camera that you cannot miss, AKK phone analyzer system, which is called automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, it is an intelligent poker scanning camera for scanning system and moving barcode marked cards.
It is the new poker scanner that only has the function of large angle panorama recognition in the market. It can also work with Samsung scanner system (AKK poker scanning) and CVK scanner system.
As the best marked cards poker manufacturer in the world, we can make common items become uncommon by installing them with an external camera for poker analyzer system.
The external poker camera hided in the shirt buttons can be the hand-catching camera, or the zoom camera. Different scanning cameras have different scanning distances, but they all have fast scanning speed, and also high winning hand accuracy. It can be a clothes button or shirt cuff, too concealable cannot be discovered by other people.
Our shirt button scanner camera for phone analyzer system can play a great role in the poker game by scanning barcode marked cards quickly, accurately and stably.
When you use the perspective invisible ink marked cards, you need to use the perspective contact lenses or infrared ink glasses to see the making on the backside.
Modiano playing cards are extreemly durable, easy to clean, and difficult to mark with fingernail.
Using our perspective marked cards contact lenses, you can easily gain the information in the game.
Using our invisible ink marked playing cards can offer you a high definition visibility in the casino poker game or home game.
Using our perspective invisible ink contact lenses, you can see the marking on the backside of marking cards clearly.
Our infrared marked cards sunglasses not only can be used as a fashion accessory, but also can be used as a invisible marked poker cards reader.
Wearing GS marked playing cards glasses, you can clearly see the corresponding invisible marks ( infrared marks, ultraviolet cards marking ).
For your information, if you need the best infrared marked decks, you can approach us for them as well. We have many different poker playing cards brands for your choice, such as Copag, Modiano, Fournier and so on. In addition, we can also process your original playing cards, to mark it as magic trick marked playing cards.
Why do not you succeed? You should think carefully about this issue, I believe many people have thought about, but the answer is almost identical to their own, not luck and limited capacity! Really bad luck? Or we are accustomed to blame for the failure in the repeated destruction of our destiny over, he refused to get up and move forward? If you found it difficult to change the fate let negative emotions prevail, will go failure fate.
Who ask you to choose the fate of the failure? Why some people want to choose the cheap price invisible ink marked cards?
As we all know, cheap price is equal to cheap quality. If you only want to buy some infrared marked playing cards and invisible ink contact lenses to have fun, then it does not matter. If you want to use them in the real Texas Holdem or Omaha playing card game, contrary to expectations, it would be a big loss.
Here we are gonna introduce you to our automatic marked card shuffler scanner camera. We normally hide a poker camera inside the automatic card shufflers of different sizes: small size for holding 2 invisible ink playing card decks, medium size for holding 4 or 6 marked deck, big size for holding 8 decks of marked poker cards.
The camera is totally concealable, impossible to be discovered by other poker players. It can read barcode marked playing cards quickly, accurately and stably, then collect the information of the cards and last transfer the data to a poker analyzer.
Generally speaking, we process normal Copag playing cards with marked cards poker printer and invisible ink pen into two kinds of Copag marked deck of cards: back invisible ink marked cards and barcode marked playing cards. The invisible ink marks printed on the playing cards are capable of staying unfading as long as 2 years. There is no chromatic aberration between infrared marked cards and the original playing cards after the mechanical processing.
Our invisible ink contact lenses are produced by a series of specific marked playing cards processing steps. How to use magic invisible ink and glasses to see luminous invisible playing cards? How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? The perspective poker sunglasses for luminous playing cards are produced according to the principle of filter. Its appearance looks like normal sunglasses, so it is hard to be suspected by poker players when you play the poker card games. It is suitable for all kinds of IR and UV light, also works well under the energy-saving light. What’s more, it can help you to use invisible ink pen contact lenses to see the invisible playing cards clearly.

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Marked Poker Cards

Do you want to get the secret of marked poker cards? There are many fantastic marked card devices, and you can find all you want here. Invisible ink marked poker cards, plastic poker cards such as Copag marked cards, Modiano marked playing cards, Fournier marked deck review, KEM best marked deck, Dal Negro invisible ink marked cards, Beta marked playing cards, NTP marking playing cards. In addition, paper poker cards such as Bee marked deck of cards, bicycle ultimate marked deck, Russian marked cards, Italy regional luminous marked cards, Spanish Fournier marked cards for sale.

Any brand of poker playing cards, which are marked by our professional marking cards printer and luminous ink kit, cannot be detected by normal eyes. Only with our special infrared contact lenses or marked cards glasses, then you can read magic tricks with marked cards. If you mark the cards manually, the effect of the marked cards is very bad, even can be noticed by normal eyes.

With professional technical staffs, high-tech printer and skills, we seal the cards like brand-new cards which are selling in store.

Marked Cards Contact Lenses

We use technology to mark a deck of cards by our professional invisible ink printer, and mix different juice marked cards and invisible ink, when wearing the marked cards reader, our infrared contact lenses and poker glasses review, you can see the marks on the back of the cards clearly. Without our best invisible ink contact lenses, they are just look like the normal playing cards; you cannot see anything on the back of marked poker cards.

Poker Scanner System

Poker analyzer device, it is the important part in poker scanner system that can predict the best winning hands. It is the easiest and most effective device that can use for all kinds of poker games, Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, SKIN, Baccarat, Blackjack, Brazil game Ronda and so on. The poker scanning system works as a poker winner predictor, to can tell you the outcomes and rankings. It can be operated individually. The accuracy rate reaches 100%. Multi-language versions are available.

If you are a professional player, when you play Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker with our CVK and AKK poker analyzer system, you will surely be the god of the game. We have many customers in the world, and new customer always become our regular customers after the test, cause we have quality products, of course during the game to get a perfect result.

We will provide our quality, because we spend more energy, technology, capital and time. Here is the high quality.