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Marked Cards FAQ

How many colors do the lenses have?

Different people in different areas have different colors with there eyes, such as French, they have a little blue eyes; Spanish, their eyes are partial light brown; Germany, they are partial dark brown; then the color of American is between French and English people's eyes. But now you can find the contact lenses you need here!

We are selling contact lenses that have much more colors than other place, we have blue, brown and red colors. The blue one is the omnipotent one, after wearing this contact lenses, you will still blue eyes; if you are brown, then you will still brown eyes after wearing it.

Why you should choose our contact lenses?

Our contact lenses are high-tech products, the comfort and definition is advanced than any other similar products in the market. We don't need to insist on the price but to find out the most comfortable lenses for yourself. That's an example, if you just wanted to save your money and bought a pair of lenses in poor quality , and you had trouble in using it that led to unfinished your mission, and it would be a big loss. Which condition do you want to choose? So ,we don't need to find out the cheapest products but to find out the most comfortable one!

Is that the marked cards belong to the most advanced marked cards?

Yes, the marked cards is the most advanced marked cards in the world. You should wear special contact lenses to see the marks on the back of the cards, besides the normal eyes can see nothing. This kind of card is safe and no one without lenses can recognize it. It is a perfect magic tool and cheating tool as well.

How many types can the marked cards be divided?

Marked cards can be divided into infrared marked cards, UV marked cards and contact lenses marked cards.

UV marked cards is out of date and no one will use it.

The infrared marked cards still used by some people, especially the area of Russia ,this kind of marked cards should be used with infrared system and can't be recognized by any other systems. It's a good kind of marked cards.

Contact lenses marked cards is the latest kind of marked cards, it has abandoned the camera system, you can use just by wearing a special contact lenses.

This kind of marked cards has the advantages as follows:

1. You can see the marks on the back with this contact lenses.

2. The normal eyes can see nothing and the marks are clear.

3. Nothing difference with the marked cards and the original cards, including the signs and the colors.

4. After you wearing it ,you can see the marks in shine white colors clearly.

What brands can be made to be the marked cards?

All kinds of cards in the world can be made to be marked cards, such as capog cards,Modiano cards,Masenghini cards,foumier cards,Bicycle cards,Aviator cards,Hoyle cards,Kem cards,Bee cards and other cards.

Different mode of cards will have different clearity of the marks. For example, red cards will have clearer marks.

However if it is blue card, the deep color of it , the least definition it will have.

You can see as follows: