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Receiver:(if you want to pay, please send me email, i will send you the payment)

Given name:



Tel No:

Zip code:


After paid, please email to us about your payment info, including the MTCN, transfer amount(EURO/USD), sender's name, and your billing address:

Money Transfer/Control No:

Your Given name:

Your Surname:

Your Tel No:

Your Address:

Your zip code:


FAQ: How to pay via western-----union?

1.Transfer at a western-----union agent location, you can visit: to find which one is the nearest and fill in a form then send email to us about payment info: MTCN, sender name (First name, Last Name), total amount (EURO) you want to transfer and billing address/ sender country.

2. Pay online For the time being, online transfer supported by Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. The steps are:

(1) Access the western-----union's home Site: Choose your country.

(2) Sign in your western-----union account or create a new account to new users.

(3) Click "send money" then fill in the Money Transfer form, click "continue".

(4) Fill in the form with your information (billing address, name, phone number, and your card number).


How to pay via paypal?

1) You need a credit card!

2) Go to and sign up for an account there.

3) If you want to buy on our website, you can just hit "buy now" and it will lead you to paypal, where you enter your password and then that's all it takes. If not, sign in, go to the "send payment" tab on the top of the page, then enter the our e-mail address: and follow the directions.