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Marked cards contact lenses

Gray Eyes Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses which are specially designed for reading marked cards, are a kind of playing cards reader kit. To some extent, invisible ink contact lenses are the best poker cheating tools.
Are you looking for something which can see the luminous UV ink? Have you ever heard about that gamble x ray playing cards can be turned into poker trick cards? The special invisible ink contact lenses for marked cards are on sale at our store. Click into our website to learn more information of invisible ink contact lenses.
My friend, do you have the experience to use invisible contacts for seeing the cards marking? Do you want to know how to use them? Here we have several kinds of invisible ink eye contacts for sale which are suitable for different customers' need.
If you have watched the video from YouTube, you may broaden your horizon by the high tech gamble x ray playing cards. Then you may have an question in your mind: why you cannot see the card marking ink with human eyes? Well, you also need our invisible ink contact lenses!
If you have gray color eyes, then our invisible contact lenses are suitable for you. They will not change the color of your eyes, and also you can see the marks very clearly.
Maybe you will also double that what is special about our gamble contact lenses?
It is different from the contacts you usually wear. The pupil of our invisible lenses is special which enables you to see the x ray marked playing cards! Our best poker cards lenses are so great and perfect that they only cover your eye pupils. This make other people difficult to suspect. If you are a poker player or magician, you will find our invisible ink contact lenses are very helpful for you. They won't obstruct you from doing anything during the game or shows. They are so magic that you can see the number and suit of the marking cards.
My dear friends, don't waste your time on other stores, we can offer the best and cheapest invisible ink contact lenses to you!

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