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Texas holdem poker scanning system

 Texas hold'em scanning system one person operated -- quite different from the Poker analyzer

Our latest Texas Holdem poker scanning system is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Holdem poker games.

It can be operated by one person. No need computer system or partner, within 0.5 second you can know who are the first and the second winners, even the ranking of all players. The mini stealth earpieces will tell you the outcome of the Texas hold’em.

Through a mini spy earpiece, it will tell you who are the winners even the ranking of all players. The accuracy is 100%.The whole set of poker scanner system equipment is portable.

Poker analyzer system is easier and more convenient than marked cards contact lenses for poker players to use and you can directly know the winners within 0.5 second.

Fast, accurate, easy, convenient and direct!

Hard configuration:

1, Poker analyzer (poker scanner system)

2, Poker scanning camera, mobile phone scanner, chip tray scanning camera, lighter scanner camera, car key scanner camera and so on

3, Mini-earpieces

4, Barcode marked cards

If you need to watch the video of showing this system, please feel free and send an email to us!


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Product Details

Texas hold'em poker analysis program uses only 52 cards, do not use the joker card, the game starts each player is issued two cards face down, as the player's "cards", is unique for each individual player cards only in the "fight card" when opened, so do not be regarded as a Texas hold'em poker game for license renewal.

The first round of betting is called "pre-flop" (preflop), under the big blind by the player left of the beginning

(if not blind, was left the licensing officer the player, such as a one-time, advance by calling the big blind injection), and continues clockwise. Continued until each player bets have been one of two states for the following: cover licensing, invested with all the other players are not covered by the license under the same bet, put all the chips under the full (all-in) , shouted after the injection of the ring likewise.

In the "pre-flop" betting after the brand name if there are at least two hands do not fold, to prevent cheating, the licensing officer must first sell a card (burn card), the desktop also open three community cards, then start the second round ("flop", flop) bet. After this round of betting, are left by the licensing officer not to fold the first player start the clockwise direction to continue calling attention.

"Flop" bet after the end of the licensing officer shall, after re-sell a card, and open another community card, known as the "turn card" (turn) (or "Fourth Street"), began the third round bet. Then, the licensing officer and then, after a card off, and open the last community card, known as the "river" (river) (or "Fifth Street"), began after the fourth round of betting.

Set 1:

10 a player game (or 8 players, 6 players), wireless stealth through the headphones (or headset) Play the biggest players are winning.

Set 2:

10 a player to set the game (or 8 players, six players), through stealth wireless headphones (or headset) Play the biggest players and the first winner of the second player.

Set 3:

10 a player to set the game (or 8 players, six players), through stealth wireless headphones (or headset) Play by 10 players or eight players play in order clues for the players size. Description: 3,5,8,9,10,4,2,6,1,7, Stealth headphones, the result can be drawn is the biggest winner for the 1, 2 is the second player the winner.

According to customers of texas holdem poker analyzer system around the world, providing multi-language versions of poker scanning system manufacture: English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc., need to edit the language of chip production, processing, please book in advance for this poker product This product has been developed languages: English and Russian Language.

Texas hold'em Analyzer Configuration List

1. 305 wireless stealth earpieces (clear voice)

2. Setting panel with screen (remote control to adjust the number of players and play mode)

3. micro-computer (size80mm*65mm, power switch, port)

4. Video output device (can be connected to computer and marked cards's location can be checked)

5. Speaker for testing voice

6. 2400mah (2.4 V) Li-battery (working hour 4-8 hours)

7. Mobile Phone scanning camera (from marked cards 30-80cm)

8. 20 decks of plastic cards (free processed and customized)

9. English manual (other languages are also available)

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