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Infrared contact lenses for playing cards

Poker Contact Lenses To Detect Casino Cheating Cards

Do you know poker contact lenses? Do you know where have the top quality playing cards contact lenses on sale?
Can you image the poker contact lenses can be a poker trick device? With the development of technology, poker contact lenses will be your spy eyes in the casino playing card games. It is one of the playing cards readers which can help you see through the marked cheat cards.
As a marked cards player, are you still worried about changing your eyes' color when you wear the special poker cards lenses for seeing marked deck cards poker?
Yes, for many years, the green eyes' players can not wear the poker lenses. For normal playing cards contact lenses in the market are only suitable for dark brown or black eyes, when the green eyes players wear the normal contact lenses, their eyes will became black color.
Now we have really good news! The people with green eyes can also wear the special poker contacts (IR invisible ink contact lenses or UV marked playing cards contact lenses) too. These poker cheating lenses will not change your eyes' color any more.
Of course, these poker contact lenses also suitable for any color of eyes.

Poker Cheating Cards Lenses

It is only applied to back marks cheating cards instead of barcode deck.
If you want the marked playing cards cannot be read the luminous invisible ink by human eyes, you need to get help from poker cheating lenses or luminous ink glasses.
However, the poker cheating cards lenses are sold well among our customers. There are different sizes and colors for your reference.
The pupil part of the lens is produced with infrared ink so that you can see the marking of the cards. It just like the normal prescription contact lenses we usually wear which is hard to be noticed by others.
Poker cheating cards lenses are very helpful and convenient for magician to play magic show. The quality is assured so that you don't need to worry about the damage to your health. Why you should choose our perspective poker contact lenses? It is because poker cheating lenses don't have frame to obstruct your view. They aren't affected by weather condition and won't fog up in the cold weather.
If you want to play poker magic tricks or detect casino cheating in playing cards, our poker contact lenses for marked playing cards are necessary for you.
If you want to know more or still any doubt about poker contact lenses, please send Email to us. We will reply you as soon as possible.
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