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  • How To Play Russia Roulette2017-07-22
  • Besides the roulette device, you can choose other game products from us, such as x ray dice camera, dice cup camera,remote control dice and other poker cheating devices.
  • Russian Roulette Wheel Set2017-07-20
  • This is a magic Russian Roulette wheel which can help players to control the ball stop in any area they want.
  • Luminous Ink Pen Contact Lenses2017-07-19
  • Marked cards contact lenses are using for reading back marked cards, if ou want to buy one, the luminous ink pen infrared contact lenses is highly recommended.
  • All Kinds Of Luminous Marked Cards2017-07-19
  • Back marked cards work together with IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses or IR spy camera. They are processed by good quality regular poker cards.